Shoushi  Foundation as a non-governmental charitable organization was
registered on April 18th, 2001 by the Nagorni Kharabagh State Council of
Justice and as a Foundation was re-registered on March 3rd, 2005 by the
Nagorni Kharabagh State register.
 Shoushi  Foundations aim is to support the cultural, moral and spiritual development of Artsakh and Shoushi fortress, to coordinate the efforts of Armenian and foreign investors, to restore the historical and architectural image of the city, trying to preserve the image that the
city had till 1920, to assist in order the city regain its importance as a centre of peace and culture.

Executive Director of the  Shoushi  Foundation is writer, publicist Bakour Karapetyan.

The Foundations Supreme organ is the Trustee Council.

An administrator manages the Foundation and he is responsible to Trustee


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